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We just wanted to say thank you so much for your help with our order. The adhesive arrived last Thursday and the thermal liner KV600 arrived today. We are very impressed with your service and will ..


just letting you know the paper arrived yesterday evening. Thanks for speedy and helpful service, will definitely recommend you to friends.


I've used coveryourwall for quite a few years and I'm very happy with the service I've received. Even when couriers fail, these guys sort things out quickly.

The courier had damaged the package got in contact with seller dealt with courteously and efficiently solved the problem and replaced goods would recommend them without hesitation.

I was quite surprised to see that I could pay on coveryourwall using my Amazon account - I didn't know I could pay like that! I even called to make sure. wallrock rolls arrived next day as promised..

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Anaglypta Wallpapers

  • Vynaglypta Compact Vinyl – a heavyweight durable surface produced in solid compacted vinyl laminated to high quality paper

    1. High Quality backing paper laminated to compact embossed vinyl
    2. Contemporary Design
    3. Seven fashionable colour palette including 3 metallic options
    4. Covers and disguises defects to produce a faultless beautiful surface homogenous wall.
    5. Compacted finish produces a durable finish for high traffic areas
    6. Heavyweight paper needs a heavyweight glue.

    Vynaglypta Compact Vinyl – where traditional Anaglypta quality meets contemporary design and colour in a hardwearing finish. Visit: https://www.coveryourwall.co.uk/wallpaper/anaglypta/anaglypta-vynaglypta/

    Anaglypta® Vynaglypta – available in a range of colours to suit all tastes


    1 Vynaglypta is the most recent form of Anaglypta, fusing modern materials, solid compact vinyl, beautifully embossed and laminated to our own high quality sustainable base paper.

    2 Vynaglypta has a beautiful contemporary style but with traditional hard wearing Anaglypta characteristics.

    3 But Vynaglypta has the added twist to differentiate it from other Anaglypta products as it is supplied pre coloured. Seven contemporary colour choices are on offer including 3 metallics and also a white option for the true Anaglypta purist.The Colour palette consists of Cornish White, Honey Beige, Dove Grey, Sable, Silver Shadow, Black shadow and soon to be launched ‘Copper Shimmer’.

    4 Vynaglypta has a heavy embossed vinyl coating to emphasise the beautiful relief and colour. The heavy compact vinyl coating  gives it the added bonus of disguising defects in walls such as light cracks and small depressions in the wall surface.

    5 Vynaglypta Compacted Vinyl is one of the most hardwearing finishes available on any wall paper so durability is built in. The colour is resistant to fade and wear so a long service life is guaranteed even in demanding high traffic areas. As with any wallcovering, even the most durable types – damage can result over time at the surface so we have ensured the surface is paintable just like any othe Anaglypta product ensuring its service life can be extended

    6 Vynaglypta is a heavyweight wallcovering so it needs applying with a good quality ready mixed adhesive such as Wallrock Power Adhesive or Erfurt MAV Easy Paste, or for that matter most other good quality ready mixed will do. We do not recommend most flake adhesives as their bond strength is inferior.

    Anaglypta® Vynaglypta – available in a range of colours to suit all tastes

  • Anaglypta Precision Vinyl – our years of expertise and knowledge give 4 great products


    • High Quality backing paper and vinyl layer
    • Matchless for easier hanging
    • Batchless for ease of use
    • Less wastage due to elimination of matches and batches
    • Easy to use
    • Covers and disguises defects to produce a faultless beautiful surface homogenous wall or ceiling
    • Paintable/fashionable


    Anaglypta Precision Vinyl – made to precise standards for ease of use.

    Anaglypta have used their many years of wallpaper manufacturing knowledge to produce the Anaglypta Precision Vinyl range, which comprises of 4 products.

    Anaglypta® Precision vinyl was born from the need of professional decorators, who have long required a product that is quick and easy to hang, with minimal wastage.

    The Anaglypta Precision Vinyl range comproses of 4 products;

    1. Anaglypta Precision Vinyl Argo – a contemporary bark design, perfect for walls or ceilings

    Anaglypta Precision Vinyl Argo – RD7100

    Anaglypta Precision Vinyl Argo – RD7100 – works perfecting in contemporary settings


    2. Anaglypta Precision Vinyl Ceilo – a traditional stipple effect, normally used on ceilings but equally suitable for walls

    Anaglypta Precision Vinyl Ceilo – RD7040

    Anaglypta Precision Vinyl Ceilo – RD7040 – the perfect texture for walls or ceilings


    3. Anaglypta Precision Vinyl Royal Oak – a traditional utilitarian bark design, regularly used on walls.

    Anaglypta Precision Vinyl Royal Oak – RD7000

    Anaglypta Precision Vinyl Royal Oak – RD7000 – looks great on walls


    4. Anaglypta Luxury Vinyl Vivere, a woven linen effect, giving subtle texture to walls and ceilings.

    Anaglypta Precision Vinyl Vivere – RD7110 Anaglypta Precision Vinyl Vivere – RD7110 subtle linen effect texture


    No Match for Precision Results.

    Anaglypta Precision Vinyl products have purposefully been designed to be hung without the need for pattern matching, giving perfect results every time.

    No Batch for Precision Results.

    Anaglypta Precision Vinyl products are all produced to such exacting standards that batches are not required – making the handling of Anaglypta Precision Vinyl even quicker and easier for the decorator or the DIYer.

    Features and Benefits of Anaglypta Precision Vinyl


    • Anaglypta Precision Vinyl gives textured warmth to walls and ceilings
    • Anaglypta Precision Vinyl disguises imperfections
    • Anaglypta Precision Vinyl helps to hide surface irregularities
    • Anaglypta Precision Vinyl helps cover uneven surfaces
    • Anaglypta Precision Vinyl is easy to hang
    • Anaglypta Precision Vinyl should be painted – the colour possibilities are endless.
    • Anaglypta Precision Vinyl is the perfect choice for any home


    Anaglypta Precision Vinyl – quick and easy application.

    Anaglypta Precision Vinyl is suited to both the professional or DIY decorator and is quick and easy to hang – the no match allows for a lower rate of wastage, meaning the whole job is also more economical.

     The whole Anaglypta Precision Vinyl range can be found on www.Coveryourwall.co.uk by clicking the following link https://www.coveryourwall.co.uk/wallpaper/anaglypta/anaglypta-precision-vinyl/ along with the rest of the Anaglypta and the full Wallrock ranges.




  • Anaglypta Original – it’s come a long way since 1887


    Anaglypta, meaning ‘Raised (ana) Cameo (glypta)’ in Greek, has a history dating back to 1887, when Thomas Palmer took the opportunity he had spotted in the market that meant wallpaper could be available to the masses, not just the rich. Anaglypta Original is still made in a very similar way to when the brand was founded, over 130 years ago. Anaglypta is a brand that has been long renowned for the quality of the wallpapers they produce, with Anaglypta Original still being made using one of the oldest paper making methods known.


    Original Anaglypta

    Anaglypta Original is a group of pure paper products, made up from 2 layers of paper, with some of the oldest and original Anaglypta designs dating back to the launch of the brand. The Anaglypta Original range is made up of 18 products that all share the same characteristics;


    • Anaglypta Original disguises imperfections
    • Anaglypta Original allows walls to breathe
    • Anaglypta Original is an excellent surface for paint
    • Anaglypta Original contains no PVC
    • Anaglypta Original uses paper from well managed sources


    Iconic Anaglypta Original

    Anaglypta Original is possibly the most iconic of all Anaglypta wallpapers with its range of products from vintage style right through to contemporary designs; Anaglypta® Originals can often be seen in hotels and historic buildings, with their installation being as long as 100 years ago. One of the most amazing facts about Anaglypta, is just how well it withstands time and the elements; in 1905, a ship called Royal Stores used Anaglypta. Shortly after its installation, the ship sank off the coast of Newfoundland. When the ship was raised, a year later, the Anaglypta was still intact and unharmed. Visit: https://www.coveryourwall.co.uk/wallpaper/anaglypta/anaglypta-original/


    Heritage Inspired Anaglypta® Original

    Contemporary, yet heritage inspired Anaglypta Originals are great for use as a feature wall or highlighting aspects of a room, such as a chimney breast. Anaglypta Originals have been used on TV programmes such as the Great Interior Design Challenge in recent times, highlighting that their popularity is coming back into fashion.

    Anaglypta Original Derby on BBC’s Great Interior Design Challenge – used as a highlight

    Anaglypta Original Derby on BBC’s Great Interior Design Challenge – used as a highlight

    Anaglypta Original Derby, designed and launched in 1924 – one of the original vintage designs, painted in copper

    Anaglypta Original Derby, designed and launched in 1924 – one of the original vintage designs, painted in copper

    Anaglypta Original Derby, designed and launched in 1924 – looks great in all colours

    Anaglypta Original Derby, designed and launched in 1924 – looks great in all colours

    Retro Style Anaglypta Original

    Anaglypta Original is also available in retro designs, such as Hamnett – with its delicate floral trellis design, and Townsend – a popular striped and floral design.

    Anaglypta Original Hamnett

     Anaglypta Original Hamnett

    Anaglypta Original Townsend

    Anaglypta Original Townsend

    Modern Anaglypta® Original

    There are designs for all tastes from the Anaglypta® Original range, as can be seen in the below image of Anaglypta Original Holkam, which is perfectly placed in any home, with its utilitarian finish.

    Anaglypta Original Holkam

    Anaglypta Original Holkam

    Anaglypta Original products can be coupled with other products within the Anaglypta range, which can all be purchased from www.coveryourwall.co.uk, simply click here to see the full range



  • Anaglypta Luxury Vinyl – our traditional quality using modern materials


    • High Quality backing paper and vinyl layer
    • Design heritage
    • Easy to use
    • Covers and disguises defects to produce a faultless beautiful surface homogenous wall or ceiling
    • Paintable/fashionable

    Anaglypta Luxury Vinyl – where traditional Anaglypta quality and design meets modern materials.

    Anaglypta Luxury Vinyl is one of the more modern forms of Anaglypta, fusing modern materials with a nod to traditional design elements to perfect a flat backed range of paintable products. For more information, please visit: https://www.coveryourwall.co.uk/wallpaper/anaglypta/anaglypta-luxury-vinyl-wallpapers/

    Luxury Vinyl does not compromise and incorporates high quality backing paper of at least 110 GSM topped off with a generous layer ‘high quality’, ‘high white’ luxury vinyl – unlike many ‘cheapened’ products. The strong paper backing allows a long service life and easy removal when the time comes to remove it – if of course it ever does.


    Anaglypta Luxury Vinyl – a Design Heritage stretching back from the present over 100 years.

    Whilst Luxury Vinyl utilises modern materials it still taps into an Anaglypta design heritage stretching back over 100 years.

    Some of the older designs such as Luxury Vinyl Egon and Luxury Vinyl Turner Tile date back to the Victorian and Edwardian eras whereas newer designs such as Hurstwood and Argo have simple, contemporary forms and will fit in with the most cutting edge architectural elements.

    Anaglypta Luxury Vinyl Egon

    Anaglypta Luxury Vinyl Egon

    Anaglypta Luxury Vinyl Turner Tile

    Anaglypta Luxury Vinyl Turner Tile

    Contemporary Anaglypta Luxury Vinyl

    Contemporary Anaglypta Luxury Vinyl

    There are over fifty Luxury Vinyl designs to choose from, all offering an attractive eye-catching design suited just about any theme or home is available.


    Anaglypta Luxury Vinyl - means easy application.

    Luxury Vinyl is ideally suited to straight forward basic decorating techniques for those wanting to get the job done with the minimum of fuss but achieve a high-quality finish.

    All products in the Anaglypta Luxury Vinyl range are flat backed which allows easy paste application and easy application to the wall or ceiling. The generous even layer of ‘high white’ luxury vinyl allows the optimum application surface for modern water-based emulsion paints with excellent depth to the finishing colour.


    Anaglypta Luxury Vinyl - Covers and disguises defects to produce a faultless beautiful finish on walls or ceilings.

     Many walls and ceilings have less than perfectly flat surfaces and defects are often very apparent.

    A quick and effective way to disguise these surfaces is to use Anaglypta Luxury Vinyl, even very obvious flaws can be effectively disguised by the relief pattern for many years to come if you so choose. And if at any time you do want the wallpaper removing it strips off very easily.


    Anaglypta Luxury Vinyl - paintable wallpaper that is fashionable too

    All the Anaglypta Luxury Vinyl designs combine well with any colour palette whether that be bright or strong contemporary colours or just good old white paint. Better still Luxury Vinyl can be repainted many times so there is no need to shy away from bold schemes if you want to try that bold experiment. Whatever your colour scheme the beautiful timeless designs will add interest and style to any room…

    Anaglypta Luxury Vinyl Deco Paradiso

    Anaglypta Luxury Vinyl Deco Paradiso

    Anaglypta Luxury Vinyl Deco Maxwell

    Anaglypta Luxury Vinyl Deco Maxwell






  • Anaglypta Dado Panels – Easy to Hang Using Paste the Wall Technique


    Period style with modern techniques.

    Anaglypta Dado Panels are one of the oldest products available from Anaglypta, having been in production for over 130 years. Anaglypta Dado Panels give dramatic period style, whilst utilising modern paste the wall hanging techniques, meaning that anyone can give their home an authentic period look with ease. Originally produced in Supaglypta embossed paper, Anaglypta Dado Panels are now produced on a Paste the Wall paper, making them easier to hang, even for beginners. Anaglypta Dado Panels come in a variety of styles, from Nouveau to Oriental, Baroque to Rococo. Anaglypta Dado Panels are a great way to cover imperfections whilst adding textured warmth. Simply hang and paint your Anaglypta Dado Panels in your choice of colour.

    Hanging Anaglypta Dado Panels

    Hanging Anaglypta Dado Panels can seem daunting, however by following some very simple instructions, great results can be achieved

    1. If dado rails are not installed strike a straight line horizontally across the wall at the desired dado height
    2. Cut the desired number of panels
    3. Use a good quality adhesive suitable for heavy wallcoverings, we recommend Wallrock Power Adhesive
    4. Paste the wall to cover the same area as the desired number of panels you are hanging – as Anaglypta Dado Panels are paste the wall, you can hang as many in one go as you are comfortable with, meaning there will be less joints.
    5. Position the paper on the wall, aligning the top of the design with the horizontal line or under the dado rail. Ensure the Anaglypta Dado Panel is hung the correct way up, the bottom is purposefully made to be trimmed.
    6. Brush the paper down and out from the centre to the edges, ensuring that all air bubbles are removed.
    7. Trim off the excess at the skirting board.
    8. Remove any excess paste immediately with a damp sponge.
    9. Allow to dry then paint in your choice of colour.

    Anaglypta Dado Panels – Easy to Hang, Even on Stairs

    Anaglypta Dado Panels can also be hung up the stairs, so the period style can be continued throughout your home; when hanging on the stairs, it is recommended that the whole hanging project is started at the top of the stairs, on ‘Plumb A’ as shown in the following image – use a plumb line to make sure the panel is hung perfectly vertical.Anaglypta Dado Panels

    Cut off half of an Anaglypta Dado Panel, this should be about 32cm wide – trying to hang wider pieces than this on the stairs will not workAnaglypta Dado Panels

    Hang the panel, with the top left corner touching the dado rail or banister, with the right hand edge on the plumb line – this will mean that there is a triangular gap at the top, and a triangular piece to trim at the bottom. Simply trim it from the bottom and insert in the top, trimming away any excess from the dado rail or banister edge

    Anaglypta Dado Panels

    There is also a great video that shows just how simple it is, to view just click here

    Anaglypta Dado Panel ‘Oriental – RD06700’

    Anaglypta Dado Panel ‘Oriental – RD06700’

    Anaglypta dado panels can be coupled with other products within the Anaglypta range, which can all be purchased from www.coveryourwall.co.uk, simply click here to see the full range


  • Supaglypta by Anaglypta – Wallpaper like no other!


    • Traditional textile reinforced paper product with zero PVC
    • Design heritage
    • Strength and durability - resists cracks reappearing/hardwearing
    • Paintable/fashionable


    Supaglypta – where traditional manufacturing offers advantages for the homes of today …

    Supaglypta is a unique form of Anaglypta perfected in Darwen Lancashire towards the end of the 19th century. Supaglypta is still made using the same basic process as was perfected all those years ago, a process that is unique to the Supaglypta product.

    Two layers of paper are pressed and glued together in the embossing process but the unique ingredient is in the paper mix whereby to add further strength to the product the paper is reinforced with textile fibres which are premixed in the paper.

    All this makes embossing more difficult and a slower process but the result is a very strong, unique, textile reinforced Supaglypta wallpaper with the crisp design definition that cannot be replicated with cheaper, weaker, modern products that use PVC to form the pattern. Visit: https://www.coveryourwall.co.uk/wallpaper/anaglypta/supaglypta-wallpaper/


    Supaglypta – a Design Heritage stretching back over 100 years

    Once the manufacturing process had been perfected designs were introduced reflecting the best design trends of the time and some of these timeless patterns are still in production over 100 years later.

    All but one design has a male name and the story goes that the first designs were each named after a member of the original Supaglypta Development Team. The oldest surviving design is Supaglypta Spencer, dating back to 1903 and still a top seller.

    Anaglypta Supaglypta Spencer RD0151

    Anaglypta Supaglypta Spencer RD0151


    Other Supaglypta designs quickly followed such as Supaglypta Alfred in 1907

    Anaglypta Supaglypta Alfred RD0137

    Anaglypta Supaglypta Alfred RD0137

    Further designs were introduced later, ‘Inca’ in 1935 that echo’s the height of the Art Deco period followed by Richard and Frazer in 1951 symbolising the optimism of the post war period.

    Anaglypta Supaglypta Inca RD0145

    Anaglypta Supaglypta Inca RD0145


    Supaglypta – inner strength and outer beauty…

    As we have already seen, Supaglypta is not just two layers of embossed paper, the high quality paper also contains reinforcing textile fibres.

    The inclusion of textile fibres improves the tear resistance and ability to stretch of the paper by 100% giving Supaglypta inner strength as well as outer beauty.

    And it is useful strength too as the papers will actively reinforce tired cracked plaster whilst the crisp embossed designs does a superb job of disguising the defect – and you can have a high degree of confidence that active cracks will not reappear after just a few months.

    Not only that, Supaglypta allows walls to breathe unlike vinyl products that lock in moisture.

    Supaglypta, back on trend…

    A new appreciation of artisan products with a real tangible design heritage has seen demand for Supaglypta rocketing.

    Anaglypta Supaglypta Seymour RD0655

    Anaglypta Supaglypta Seymour RD0655

    Anaglypta Supaglypta Edward RD0602

    Anaglypta Supaglypta Edward RD0602

    Anaglypta Supaglypta Alexander RD0647

    Anaglypta Supaglypta Alexander RD0647


    The heritage designs combine well with any colour palette whether that be bright or strong contemporary colours or just good old white paint. Supaglypta durability and crisp design relief allows for numerous changes of colour so there is no need to shy away from bold schemes if the fancy takes you. Whatever your colour scheme the beautiful timeless design of Supaglypta will add depth and interest…



  • Old fashioned Woodchip? – no thanks, New Anaglypta Woodchip – yes please!!!


    ‘Woodchip – no thanks’, you may say – well we say ‘think again’.

    Woodchip has become one of those words that has become synonymous with low quality cheap and cheerful product but as is so often the case the truth can be very different indeed – especially high quality; Anaglypta Paste the Wall, Woodchip.

    For a start its one of the most environmentally friendly wallpapers you can buy as it has a very large recycled paper content, uses sustainably sourced waste wood, contains no PVC and it allows your walls to breathe.

    It is extremely quick, easy and forgiving to hang

    It disguises defects very effectively and just as importantly it is wear resistant unlike many more expensive vinyl products.

    Anaglypta Paste the Wall Woodchip

    Heritage and Bauhaus roots

    Woodchip wallpaper has been around for the best part of 100 years and can trace its history back to Germany and the Bauhaus period following world war one. Woodchip suited the period well with a move to simpler plainer forms, in this case simple clean homogenous painted walls rather than elaborate decorated ones.

    By the 1930’s production sprang up in the UK to serve Bauhaus influenced trends and by the 1960’s dawned the Anaglypta Woodchip had become almost everyone’s favourite wallpaper, its high popularity lasting right through into the 1980’s -cheapened quality from unscrupulous competitors playing a big part in a declining reputation.

    This year Anaglypta Paste the Wall Woodchip is being relaunched with a new focus on a high quality user friendly product in a traditional texture to be followed by new designs with less traditional appearance – but all reminiscent of the original design ethos of good simple, elegant and attainable form.

    Anaglypta Paste the Wall Woodchip and environmental positives…

    As stated above it is one of the most environmentally friendly wallpapers you can buy as it has a very large recycled paper content, uses sustainably sourced waste wood, contains no PVC and it allows your walls to breathe.

    Perhaps equally importantly it brings a simple clean homogenous look to walls that are quite badly cracked and damaged saving costly work and materials at the outset and giving a finish that has legendary durability that will comfortably outlast Paintable Vinyl products

     Woodchip is back on trend

    Sixties and Seventies design classics are very much back on trend and’ Anaglypta Paste the Wall Woodchip’ is a great improvement on the original product whilst retaining its essential design elements. Visit: https://www.coveryourwall.co.uk/anaglypta-paste-the-wall-woodchip.html

    In fact Woodchip has never dropped out of popularity in Germany where its functional qualities, environmental credentials and Bauhaus heritage are appreciated.

    NB Can we insert a picture  – suppose not?

     Anaglypta Paste the Wall Woodchip – practical solutions and infinite possibilities

    The versatility and sheer functionality of Anaglypta Paste the Wall Woodchip is ready to be discovered by a whole new generation.

    For the cost conscious it will bring new life to walls that would otherwise need re plastering but far beyond that is offers as a great product to bring colour and design to walls and ceilings

     What is better about Anaglypta Paste the Wall Woodchip ?

    Anaglypta Paste the Wall Woodchip is substantially heavier wallpaper than woodchip ever was - at 150 GSM it is naturally thicker and stronger anyway making it tolerant of uneven and damaged surfaces.

    On top of that it now contains textile fibres, which means it is not just stronger but that it is dimensionally stable. Because of this bubbling and poor seams are a thing of the past and you don’t have to use a paste table either – just paste the wall and roll on the Anaglypta paste the Wall Woodchip.

  • Anaglypta – time to think again about this iconic brand and style


    Anaglypta Heritage

    Anaglypta is a British Wallpaper Brand and also one of the worlds’ oldest, if not THE oldest wallpaper brand, formed in 1887 when Queen Victoria was on the throne. The brand name Anaglypta is derived from the Greek language, meaning ‘raised cameo’ . Anaglypta was the first paintable wallpaper where designs were actually physically pressed into the paper – the end result being a versatile hard wearing surface that can be painted any colour you wish.

    Today, the range remains almost exclusively paintable with finishes ranging from simply flat to a wide variety of relief designs, some of which can trace their lineage back over one hundred years.

    Anaglypta Wallpaper

    Anaglypta – back on trend

    Anaglypta had become a bit of a side show in the fashion stakes – often found painted magnolia and being used in dated designs.

    Today the versatility, design heritage and sheer functionality of Anaglypta is being discovered by a whole new generation as a great product to bring colour and design to walls and ceilings – with real tactile designs that offer real alternatives to print and at the same time have the versatility to enable colour changes time and time again.

    Anaglypta – superb, alternative wallpaper for your feature wall, a unique fusion of wallpaper designs and the boundless individuality of your personal colour choice…

    When thinking of wallpaper and feature walls we are generally encouraged to think about using printed wallpaper, much of it is also very ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ in the style stakes too and you are never 100% sure it is going to look as good you hoped...

    So give Anaglypta a chance? There are over 100 beautiful Anaglypta designs to choose from ranging from opulent authentic Heritage designs dating back to the inception of the Anaglypta brand in 1887 to modern, contemporary sleek textures.

    Once it is on simply paint it any colour that gives you just the level of impact you want. Whether you want to make a bold statement or something more subtle, Anaglypta offers you the infinite choices you only get by combining wallpaper and paint - and if you want a change then simply add a new colour to your Anaglypta. Visit: https://www.coveryourwall.co.uk/wallpaper/anaglypta/ 

     Don’t take our word for it

    Anaglypta has been noticed all over again as can be seen from Anaglypta articles, (not advertisements) in various publications including  Elle Decoration, Telegraph Magazine Design Notebook, House beautiful and Sunday Times Interiors.

    NB Can we insert a picture or article – suppose not?

    Anaglypta offer a range of different substrates too..

    Some Anaglypta designs called ‘Anaglypta Original’ unsurprisingly, and are still embossed into paper just like they were back in 1887 – they take a little more care in hanging but offer a superb hardwearing, breathable finish, entirely free of plastics

    Soon after that came ‘Supaglypta’ a similar product to the ‘Anaglypta original’ but reinforced with textile fibres for the ultimate combination of beauty and strength for the toughest of environments.

    Today many other designs have been replicated in the Anaglypta Luxury Vinyl and Anaglypta Popular ranges for those wanting heritage or contemporary style  using modern materials and techniques.

     A final point about Anaglypta

    It’s thick and its three dimensional so it is relatively tolerant of uneven surfaces and gives a beautiful homogenous look to a where a flat print would highlight every crack, pimple and imperfection.

  • Understanding wallpaper fire ratings for Wallrock Fibreliner, Wallrock Fireliner and Wallrock Thermal Liner and other ErfurtMAV products?


    Wallrock, Erfurt MAV Linings and Fire Ratings.

    The fire rating system in regard to all wallpapers including Lining Paper, Insulating Lining paper, Wallrock Fibreliner, Wallrock Fireliner and Wallrock Thermal Liner can be difficult to understand especially as the real world performance will always be affected by other materials, such as the wall itself, paint, adhesive, decorative wallpaper applied over the top and other nearby structures.

    Here we are trying to give a short concise overview of fire ratings and obviously for absolute accuracy and certainty you should always consult an expert in the field such as a Specifier, Trade Body or Testing Body.

    Whilst the last thing I want to do is give a false sense of security or give the impression the fire rating of your wallpaper is not very important - it is worth bearing in mind that having properly maintained and positioned smoke detectors in your home is arguably far more important than the fire rating of your wallcovering simply because we all inevitably have lots of other combustible and smoke generating products in our home.

    wallrock fibreliner premium

    When must wallpaper fire ratings be considered by UK Law?

    The simple answer is if your project is subject to Building Regulations 'Building Regs' and/or inspections by a Building Inspector, then the fire rating of the product must comply. In effect this means big projects such as a ‘new build’, extension, garage conversion, loft conversion, will all be subject to Building Regulations and the wallpaper must comply with requirements regarding the fire rating of the product. This is why our Wallrock fibreliner range, Wallrock fireliners and many other of our products are independently tested for compliance

    When is it purely down to me to decide?

    Smaller projects such as general home redecoration and makeovers are unlikely to be subject to building regulations (unless it is a public space, hotel, care home or similar where regulations may apply) so you do not legally need to consider the fire rating of the wallpaper you have chosen. However, you may well want to consider the fire rating of the wallpaper anyway, for example avoiding using less fire resistant wallpapers in fire escape routes.

    How can I find the fire rating of a wallpaper product?

    It may be on the label as a letter or number, on the manufacturers website, or you may have to ask the manufacturer. The manufacturer should be able to supply you with the actual test certificate. Wallrock products carry the fire rating clearly on the label for easy reference.

    OK, so why do some products have a letter as the fire rating and some a number?

    The short answer is, there are two overlapping test systems, either of which is acceptable for Building Regulations;

    • The British Standard (BS 476) categorises products by numbers 0 to 4 (0 being the least flammable and 4 the most)
    • The European Standard (EN 13501) categorises products by letters A to F (0 being the least flammable and in theory F being the most *)


    The chart below shows how the two systems overlap:

    British Standard Classification European Standard Classification
    Not Applicable A
    0 B
    1 & 2 C
    3 D
    4 E
    Unclassifiable F


    NB; Wallrock Fireliner is tested to the British standard as it is marketed solely in the UK and Wallrock Fibreliner to the European standard as the product is sold throughout Europe. Although both products perform very well under test conditions the Wallrock Fireliner has a far superior fire resistance as it does not burn even in free air a situation which most wallcoverings would burn readily.

    OK, I get that but is all wallpaper tested before being sold to consumers and why the disclaimer * when talking about the EN system?

    In the introduction we mentioned that the average home contains lots of combustible materials in much higher quantities than the wallpaper applied to walls. So under the European system there appears to be a a tacit recognition of this and therefore  most wallpapers under 1.8 mm thick can be classified as a ‘D’ without testing them.

    So a wallpaper classified as a D may actually perform better (or theoretically worse) if it was subjected to a fire test . Similarly if a product is thicker than 1.8 mm it can be classified as an ‘F’ without testing.

    Products with a European rating have other lower case letters and numbers written after the letter – Do they mean anything?

    Yes they do. Let’s take Wallrock Fibreliner Original say you have B-s1,d0

    B is the resistance to fire, in this case very good (as shown in the earlier chart)

    S1 is the amount of smoke generated, 1 would be best, 3 the worst

    d0 is the relative amount of flaming particles falling , 0 is best, 2 the worst

    Additional classes for smoke development Additional classes for burning droplets
    s1 the structural element may emit a very limited amount of combustion gases d0 burning droplets or particles must not be emitted from the structural element
    s2 the structural element may emit a limited amount of combustion gases d1 burning droplets or particles may be released in limited quantities
    s3 no requirement for restricted production of combustion gases d2 no requirement for restriction of burning droplets and particles


    In this regard the European system is useful as you may have a product that resists fire but gives off a lot of smoke in a real home fire and we all know it can often be the smoke that is the real killer rather than the fire itself. Products with plastic coatings are often particularly bad for this.

    OK, so what do Building Regulations say I need?

    That depends on where exactly you will use the wallcovering. The chart included here shows how different rated wallcoverings can be used in projects subject to Building Regulations:

    Location BS Class European Class
    Small rooms of an area not more than;
    a) 4m2 in residential accommodation
    b) 30m2 in non-residential accommodation
    2 D-s3,d2
    Other rooms (including garages 1 C-s3,d2
    Circulation spaces in dwellings 1 C-s3,d2
    Other circulation spaces, including the common areas in blocks of flats 0 B-s3,d2


    As you can see Wallrock Fibreliner Original easily conforms to Building regulations

    How can wallpaper have any fire resistance anyway?

    When a pure paper is adhered to a non-combustible surface it does not necessarily burn easily because it is not in ‘free air’. Similarly some plastic coated wallpapers, such as PVC coverings, do not necessarily combust easily (but give off smoke).

    We recognise that you may not want to use a product regardless of test results that will burn readily in free air so we offer a wallpaper that resists combustion even in free air and can actually be used to offer some protection to more vulnerable surfaces called Wallrock Fireliner

    How is a test conducted and under what conditions?

    A test looks to replicate real world conditions so the paper is applied to a non-combustible surface with a typical adhesive (which will be described in the test) as it would be in a typical home. If it is a paintable wallcovering then you would expect the test to show two coats of emulsion paint had been applied simply because this is typically what would happen in the real world. The test essentially consists of directing a naked flame at the surface and measuring flame spread over a period of 10 minutes. The wider the flames spread outwards in that time the lower the rating. The test is repeated several times and the worst results used to rate the product. Please see the chart here:

    Flame spread at 1.5 min (mm) Final flame spread (mm)
    Class 1 165 (+25) 165 (+25)
    Class 2 215 (+25) 455 (+45)
    Class 3 265 (+25) 710 (+75)
    Class 4 Exceeding Class 3 limits.


    It is worth bearing in mind the test is always going to be ‘indicative’ as there are variables to consider;

    • The type of adhesive used to apply the product could make a small or potentially big difference in extreme cases e.g. our Wallrock Thermal FR Adhesive contains active ingredients that help to resist flame spread.
    • Product manufacturing variables
    • In the case of paintable wallcoverings – what brand of paint has been used.


    The product I want is E rated, can I use it?

    First, if Building Regulations apply – almost definitely not**

    Second, if they don’t apply you can use it but we would advise you consider the area it is being used e.g. is it a fire escape route?


    So why the ** above?

    The product may be able to be used as part of a system that improves the fire rating significantly, as below.


    Can a Fire Rating be Improved?

    The short answer is 'yes, it can'.

    Take these products for example, Red Label Heatsaver, Red Label Insulating Lining Paper, Insulating Lining Paper Graphite + and Wallrock Thermal Liner all have lowly rating of E  or F even though the bonded lining alone has a far superior rating on its own.

    As there are so many variables as to how this product may be used we declare it as an E or an  F - worst case scenario.

    However, when the products are applied with Wallrock Thermal FR Adhesive and covered with Wallrock Fireliner lining paper with two coats of emulsion they achieve much better test results e.g. BS Class 1 which is Building Regulations compliant for residences.

    I hope this helps clear up a few questions.

  • Woodchip - a desirable wallpaper

    Woodchip and its legacy

    Woodchip wallpaper or woodchip lining paper – both names are used interchangeably – is liked and loathed in equal measures. Putting design preferences aside for a moment, woodchip has been known to make grown men cry because it can be very difficult to remove. This is especially true when the woodchip has been on the walls since the 70s and painted over many times. Because of this, woodchip gets a bad name as a horrible liner to use, which isn't necessarily true.

    Design pattern

    However, as a design pattern, woodchip is still liked by many as it offers a neutral finish, which provides a slight texture without standing out. So, how do you get a similar textured finish without setting yourself up for a lot of work later on? Use Anaglypta wallpapers!

    Woodchip alternative

    Anaglypta wallpapers are well known and liked and are easy to remove as there are no actual wood chips that provide the textured design - the texture is achieved by embossing the paper or by using blown vinyl. With a bit of imaginative paint colour these wallpapers can provide a finish which is quite timeless yet not boring. Below is a selection of 3 Anaglyptas that can offer a similar finish to woodchip wallpaper. Anaglypta Original Holkam RD388, Anaglypta Original Shelburne RD169 and Anaglypta Armadillo Kingfisher RD5302. The last wallpaper is paste-the-wall type, which makes the job of hanging it much easier and faster.

  • Buying Anaglypta wallpaper? Read this first

    Selling Anaglypta wallpapers every day we see that customers very often underestimate how many rolls they need to buy. 10m2 of wall coverage doesn’t always translate into 10m2 of wallpaper you need to buy. Adding extra coverage for pattern repeat (doesn’t apply to all wallpapers) and wastage will save you the hassle and potentially extra costs later on. Consider a situation where, say, 5 years down the line you need a single roll of the same pattern and it’s no longer available.

    Across 100s of orders, we’ve noticed that some customers buy X number of wallpaper rolls and then follow with another order a few days or weeks later just for a single roll. This clearly points to the issue of underestimating of the actual wallpaper needed for the job.


    Pattern repeat and wastage

    When measuring the wallpaper coverage and buying Anaglypta wallpapers you have to take into consideration pattern repeat. Pattern repeat is simply the vertical distance on the wallpaper between where the pattern starts and finishes. In other words, where the pattern becomes identical again. Some pattern repeats are very short e.g. 1.9cm for Anaglypta Original Churhill RD385 or quite large for Dandelion Blush RD80005 where the pattern repeat is 64cm.

    This means that when hanging the wallpaper you may end up losing the entire length of the pattern repeat on each drop – it doesn’t always work out like this and it depends on the actual structure of the pattern and the length of each drop. It’s best to count the number of drops and then add the length of the pattern repeat for each drop.

    When hanging any wallcovering, wastage will inevitably occur. Most often it’s in the form of the excess you need to leave on each end of the drop before trimming it to size. Sometimes you just make a mistake and cut it too short - remember, measure twice and cut once – which will result in this piece of the wallpaper going to waste.


    Planning for the future

    We receive quite a lot of emails from customers who search for Anaglypta patterns they have had on their walls for a number of years and either need to replace part of the wallpaper or would like to extend the same pattern onto another wall, but can’t find the wallpaper. Typically the emails end with ‘I wish I had thought about it then’…

    Although most Anaglypta patterns have been available since they were first introduced, some have been discontinued. So, it would be prudent to buy an extra roll when making the initial purchase and put it away completely so that it be used some years later when needed.

  • Discontinued Anaglypta Wallpapers

    What Anaglypta wallpapers have been discontinued?

    We aren't going to list all of the discontinued Anaglypta wallpapers that have been created and subsequently discontinued because Anaglypta brand has been in existence since 1887. We are going to list the Anaglypta designs that have been dropped in recent years. Please get in touch with us if you are looking for a specific design and can't find it. There may be a close match in existence and we'll be more than happy to confirm it with the Anaglypta manufacturer.

    • Anaglypta RD842 Cornelian
    • Anaglypta RD3013 Tandle
    • Anaglypta RD839 Amethyst
    • Anaglypta RD841 Tiger Eye
    • Anaglypta RD4004 Erica
    • Anaglypta RD916 Westcott
    • Anaglypta RD978 Topaz
    • Anaglypta RD0901 Boland
    • Anaglypta RD5014 Osprey
    • Anaglypta RD5001 Wren
    • Anaglypta RD5004 Finch
    • Anaglypta RD5005 Swallow
    • Anaglypta RD5006 Swan
    • Anaglypta RD5007 Blackbird
    • Anaglypta RD5008 Kite
    • Anaglypta RD5009 Peacock
    • Anaglypta Caliope RD315
    • Anaglypta Florella
    • Anaglypta Precision Vinyl RD7120 Caro
    • Anaglypta Caliope RD315
    • Artisan Plaster RD7150
    • Dado Panels - RD06670 Neo Classical - this is now slightly different and is known as Dado Panels RD06671 Baroque
    • Dado Panels - RD06680 Gothic - this now slightly different and is known as Dado Panels RD06881 Nouveau


    Dado Panels have been slightly changed to make it easier to apply along staircases. It's worth noting that Dado Panels are now made as Vinyl wallpapers (and have been for quite a few years). Before that they were made as embossed wallpapers. If you are matching an existing design, it's worth checking which one you currently have.

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