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We just wanted to say thank you so much for your help with our order. The adhesive arrived last Thursday and the thermal liner KV600 arrived today. We are very impressed with your service and will ..


just letting you know the paper arrived yesterday evening. Thanks for speedy and helpful service, will definitely recommend you to friends.


I've used coveryourwall for quite a few years and I'm very happy with the service I've received. Even when couriers fail, these guys sort things out quickly.

The courier had damaged the package got in contact with seller dealt with courteously and efficiently solved the problem and replaced goods would recommend them without hesitation.

I was quite surprised to see that I could pay on coveryourwall using my Amazon account - I didn't know I could pay like that! I even called to make sure. wallrock rolls arrived next day as promised..

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  • Design ID – Material Concepts range in High Quality embossed vinyl

    • Design Inspiration
    • Quality heavy weight embossed vinyl – durable, washable, good light fastness,
    • Paste the wall advantages
    • Areas you can use it

    Design ID ‘Material Concepts’ range – inspired by our inhabited world.


    The Design ID material concepts range encapsulates eight design themes each available in three colour ways. Each design is inspired by material surfaces that are commonplace in our inhabited world but have a unique beauty that will enhance any home;

     Design ID ‘Shuttered Concrete’ inspired by the beautiful, natural, surface effect timber shuttering creates on this, most brutal of all construction materials.  

     Available in: white, grey or dark silver.

    Design ID ‘Marrakesh Tile’ inspired by the ancient patinated tiles often found in this ancient medieval walled city. 

    Available in: duck egg/copper, soft grey/rose gold or dark grey fusion

    Design ID ‘Slate Tile’ inspired by this most useful and attractive natural material and the multitude of colours it takes on when exposed to its local environment.

    Available in: dark grey/silver metallic, light grey/bronze metallic or coloured slate/gold metallic

    Design ID ‘Parquetry’ inspired by the beautiful wooden parquetry floors of late nineteenth century Parisian Apartments using contrasting oak, lime and cherry timbers.

    Available in; ‘natural wood’, ‘grey wash’ and ‘sun bleached’

    Design ID ‘Aspenite’ inspired by the beautiful surface effect created unintentionally in the manufacture of one of the most commonplace and functional timber construction products. Popularly known as Orientated Strand Board it is also known as ‘Flakeboard’ and ‘Aspenite’.

    Available in; ‘natural wood’, ‘grey’ and ‘aged white’

    Design ID ‘Maple Bark’ inspired by the fairly commonplace but beautiful Silver Maple trees often to be found sharing and enhancing our town and city scapes.

    Available in: aged white/silver metallic, aged white/copper metallic and natural/gold metallic.

    Design ID ‘Compressed Cork’, celebrating the beautiful, naturally riven surface of compressed cork. One of the most sustainable and natural products in the modern world with a multitude of practical purposes.

    Available in: natural/silver metallic, aged white/silver metallic and pinkgrey/silver metallic.

    Design ID ‘Dolomite Marble’, inspired by this most beautiful of building materials created naturally by intense pressure and heat.

    Available in: soft grey/silver metallic, soft white/silver metallic and soft white/gold metallic.

    Design ID ‘Material Concepts’ products represent the best in quality heavy weight embossed vinyl products

    All the products consist of a very high quality base non-woven, textile reinforced paper covered in a heavy layer of vinyl that is coloured and embossed to bring the design alive in both a visual and textile sense. Each roll weighs in at a hefty 1.5 KG giving a sense of the quality of the products.

    The dense embossed Vinyl layer completely covers the surface to create a washable surface, tactile, durable and has good light fastness qualities.

    Design ID ‘Material Concepts’ products are among the easiest products to hang because they are suitable for ‘Paste the Wall’ technique.

    The backing paper of all Design ID Material Concepts’ rolls is a non-woven textile reinforced type that means the ‘Design ID Material Concepts’ range is dimensionally stable – in other words it does not shrink or expand more than 0.2% when pasted or wet.

    So you can apply paste to the wall and hang the product directly to the pasted area for quicker easier decorating OR if you prefer, use a paste table and apply paste to pre-cut lengths of the paper before hanging.

    Either way you can be sure of great results.

    Design ID ‘Material Concepts’ products will add real tasteful interest to any wall, whilst if required providing a canvas for decorative items and features rather than fighting against them.

    The durable finish means they will resist wear and tear in high traffic areas as well as resist the heat and steam of a kitchen or bathroom, areas where the washable surface is another great advantage.

    Design ID ‘Material Concepts’ products are high quality heavyweight products so it is important to match them with a high quality adhesive that will ensure the paper stays stuck to the wall for as long as you want it to. We recommend a ready mixed adhesive suitable for heavyweight vinyl. For more information please visit: www.coveryourwall.co.uk/wallpaper/printed-wallpapers/design-id-material-concepts/



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