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Discontinued Anaglypta Wallpapers

What Anaglypta wallpapers have been discontinued?

We aren't going to list all of the discontinued Anaglypta wallpapers that have been created and subsequently discontinued because Anaglypta brand has been in existence since 1887. We are going to list the Anaglypta designs that have been dropped in recent years. Please get in touch with us if you are looking for a specific design and can't find it. There may be a close match in existence and we'll be more than happy to confirm it with the Anaglypta manufacturer.

  • Anaglypta RD842 Cornelian
  • Anaglypta RD3013 Tandle
  • Anaglypta RD839 Amethyst
  • Anaglypta RD841 Tiger Eye
  • Anaglypta RD4004 Erica
  • Anaglypta RD916 Westcott
  • Anaglypta RD978 Topaz
  • Anaglypta RD0901 Boland
  • Anaglypta RD5014 Osprey
  • Anaglypta RD5001 Wren
  • Anaglypta RD5004 Finch
  • Anaglypta RD5005 Swallow
  • Anaglypta RD5006 Swan
  • Anaglypta RD5007 Blackbird
  • Anaglypta RD5008 Kite
  • Anaglypta RD5009 Peacock
  • Anaglypta Caliope RD315
  • Anaglypta Florella
  • Anaglypta Precision Vinyl RD7120 Caro
  • Anaglypta Caliope RD315
  • Artisan Plaster RD7150
  • Dado Panels - RD06670 Neo Classical - this is now slightly different and is known as Dado Panels RD06671 Baroque
  • Dado Panels - RD06680 Gothic - this now slightly different and is known as Dado Panels RD06881 Nouveau


Dado Panels have been slightly changed to make it easier to apply along staircases. It's worth noting that Dado Panels are now made as Vinyl wallpapers (and have been for quite a few years). Before that they were made as embossed wallpapers. If you are matching an existing design, it's worth checking which one you currently have.

8 thoughts on “Discontinued Anaglypta Wallpapers”

  • John dowie

    https://dub130.mail.live.com/m/compose.m/?fid=00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000001&iru=%2fm%2ffolders.m%2f&to=delboy-chapo%40hotmail.comHere can I find "anaglypta swallow" please?

  • Patty

    I'm looking for Anaglypta RD767 and RD4021.

    • CoverYourWall CYW

      Do you have full names of the product, please? These are most likely not available any longer - they would've been discontinued prior to 2010. If you have any images, we could suggest alternative patterns.

  • tony smith

    I am looking for a wallpaper design now discontinued probably known as Erica' Do you have any available?

  • Rachael

    Hi, do you recognise the pattern in this photo by any chance please?
    I would love to get hold of some to repair some torn parts in my new house without re-papering the whole stairs!

    • CoverYourWall CYW

      Hi Rachael,

      Can't see it properly, but it doesn't look like Anaglypta. Anaglypta Pro Weave would be the closest style - https://www.coveryourwall.co.uk/anaglypta-pro-weave-rd80098.html.

      Kind regards,

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