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We just wanted to say thank you so much for your help with our order. The adhesive arrived last Thursday and the thermal liner KV600 arrived today. We are very impressed with your service and will ..


just letting you know the paper arrived yesterday evening. Thanks for speedy and helpful service, will definitely recommend you to friends.


I've used coveryourwall for quite a few years and I'm very happy with the service I've received. Even when couriers fail, these guys sort things out quickly.

The courier had damaged the package got in contact with seller dealt with courteously and efficiently solved the problem and replaced goods would recommend them without hesitation.

I was quite surprised to see that I could pay on coveryourwall using my Amazon account - I didn't know I could pay like that! I even called to make sure. wallrock rolls arrived next day as promised..

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Wallrock Thermal Liner


Availability:Out of stock

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Wallrock Thermal Liner (also known as Wallrock Thermal Liner Natural) has been specially developed to offer a combination of features:


  • Thermal insulation and energy saving for walls and ceilings 
  • Great for damaged walls – at 3.2 mm thick it’s perfect for covering damaged and textured walls
  • Mould Prevention - Thermal Liner allows walls to breathe and raises the room temperature meaning it will help to combat mould growth
  • Improves room acoustics (softens the sound bouncing off hard walls) – not the main feature of the liner though
  • Great surface for paint or paste-the-wall wallpapers (read more below if you'd like to use paste the paper wallpapers)

See Wallrock KV600 Thermal Liner if you'd like to achieve better thermal performance. KV600 is 4 mm thick. Please note it offers twice the coverage of standard Wallrock Thermal Liner per roll. 


Independent test results – British Board of Agrement (BBA)

“When Wallrock Thermal Liner is applied to a solid wall dwelling with a U Value of 2.1 W/m2K the resulting U Value is improved (i.e. reduced) to 1.79 W/m2K. This represents a saving of 15% in the static heat loss. Its Thermal Resistance has been measured at 0.0821 m2K/W.” To view the full document, please click here.


Technical specifications and how to hang Wallrock Thermal Liner:

  • Roll Size: 10 metres long and 75 cm wide - one roll covers 7.5 m2
  • Thickness: 3.2 mm
  • Adhesive: Use with Wallrock Thermal Liner Adhesive – 4 to 5 kg per roll
  •  Fire safety: is “normally” inflammable (according to the standard DIN 4102-1 “B2” classification, which corresponds to “E“ classification with DIN EN 13501-1)


Application Advice:


  • Put the ‘fluffy’ side put against the wall, so the smooth surface faces the room
  • Remember, the liner is absorbent, so be generous when pasting with Wallrock Thermal Liner Adhesive (4-5kg per roll)
  • Have a set of sharp blades available before you start
  • When going round sharp corners butt-joint separate drops
  • Use normal emulsion paint over the Thermal Liner
  • Try our paste-the-wall wallcoverings to get smoother / different finish on the Thermal Liner, use paste-the-wall wallcoverings – more about further down on this page
  • Did you know? You can use Wallrock Thermal Liner on ceilings as well – be ready to use more adhesive and get someone to help


  • We do not recommend applying traditional wallpapers or lining papers over Thermal Liner because these products, by nature, expand when wet and shrink when drying up (paper based products are dimensionally unstable), which can cause the corners of Wallrock Thermal Liner to be pulled off. All Wallrock products are dimensionally stable. You can use Wallrock Fibreliners directly over the Thermal Liner (read below about Finish on Wallrock Thermal Liner).
  • If you'd like to hang traditional wallpaper over the Thermal Liner, please hang Wallrock Fibreliner on top of the Thermal Liner first and then you can apply your wallpaper. In addition to preventing the lifting of the corners and seams of the Thermal Liner it will allow you to remove the wallpaper in the future without damaging Wallrock Thermal Liner.
  • We'd not recommend putting ceramic tiles over the thermal liner. If you want to hang ceramic tiles over the thermal liner, please use the Professional Insulation Panels instead. 


Wallrock Thermal Liner facts

  • Reduces room warm up-time by up to 65% and up to 36% energy saving
  • Allows walls to breathe Resists mould and damp formation
  • Covers problem areas such as cracked plaster and textured surfaces - it is approx 3.2mm thick
  • Produces a flat surface for paste-the-wall wallpapers (sometimes known as non-woven wallpapers)
  • Helps with sound acoustics
  • NO PVC or glass fibre
  • Thermal liner is classified as „E “according to DIN EN 13501-1 in relation to its reaction to fire behaviour, which corresponds to „B2“(normally inflammable) according to the standard DIN 4102-1
  • If you'd like to improve the fire rating of the thermal liner, please use Wallrock FIRELINER Class 0

Finish on Wallrock Thermal Liner

Please note that the surface of Thermal Liner is an excellent surface for paint, however if you want to create a better / different finish quickly and easily use Wallrock Fibreliner SmoothWallrock Fibreliner, Wallrock Premium or Wallrock Fibreliner Plus (flat finish) or Anaglypta Armadillo and Anaglypta Armadillo Contractfor a textured finish. These liners can be applied directly over the thermal liners. If you'd like to improve the fire rating of the thermal liner, please use Wallrock FIRELINER Class 0


Mould prevention

Walls that have surface temperature distinctly cooler than the ambient air temperature are typically affected by mould. This is why the problem is often seen on outside walls and close to windows. The warm and moist room air condenses on the cooler areas of the walls and creates condensation. Wallrock Thermal Liner increases the surface temperature of the wall preventing condensation and therefore stops mould from forming.


Sound absorption

Wallrock Thermal Liner provides pleasing acoustics thanks to its high degree of noise and sound absorption. The degree of absorption in the audible range on unpainted or uncovered Thermal Liner is on average aw=0.02. This figure corresponds to the acoustic performance of a 5 mm thick velour carpet. Please note that the sound insulation properties are completely secondary as far as product benefits are concerned. 




Does Wallrock Thermal Liner work?

We have all evidence that it does. Apart from verifying the product through tests, our customers confirm this too through feedback and repeated purchases. Read reviews on the product page.


Do I need to put another liner over Thermal Liner?

No. Wallrock Thermal Liner has been designed to be ready for final decorating, but everything depends on the wall’s (or ceiling) condition and sometimes it’s required to use paste-the-wall liners on top of the Thermal Liner to get better finish.


Which side should go against the wall?

 The ‘fluffy’ side should go against the wall and the flat side is facing the room.


Can I paint Wallrock Thermal Liner?

Yes, you can paint Wallrock Thermal Liner using emulsion paint.


Can I use traditional wallpaper or lining paper over the Thermal Liner?

We advise against it because traditional wallcoverings expand when wet and shrink when drying, which could cause the Thermal Liner to lift at the corners or seams. Use Wallrock Fibreliners and Armadillo range of wallpapers for a better finish. Please get in touch with us if you are still unsure how to go about choosing the right products. 


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Ask questions about this product here. 


Product Faqs

Ask a Question

  • Do I need to strip emulsion painted wall back to bare plaster or can I hang the thermal liner over the painted surface?
    You can hang the thermal liner over emulsion painted walls. There’s no need to strip the paint. Other surfaces / paints may need to be scuffed with sanding paper to provide better grip for the adhesive. You can hang the thermal liner over emulsion painted walls. There’s no need to strip the paint. Other surfaces / paints may need to be scuffed with sanding paper to provide better grip for the adhesive. You can hang the thermal liner over emulsion painted walls. There’s no need to strip the paint. Other surfaces / paints may need to be scuffed with sanding paper to provide better grip for the adhesive.
    How much this was helpful

  • Can Wallrock Fibreliner be used in a kitchen

    Yes, Wallrock Fibreliner can be used in the kitchen. It's a dimensionally stable product and the increased moisture doesn't have the same effect as on traditional lining paper.

    How much this was helpful

  • What paint can I use over Wallrock Thermal Liner?
    Any standard emulsion paint can be used over Wallrock Thermal Liners.
    How much this was helpful

  • I want to use traditional wallpaper over my thermal liner, but I read you can't use it directly over the Thermal Liners. Is there a way round it?

    Simply hang Wallrock Fibreliner over the thermal liner first; let it dry (min 24 hrs) and this is now ready to hang your wallpaper over. To hang the wallpaper, use the wallpaper paste suggested by the wallpaper manufacturer. This step isn't necessary if you use paste-the-wall wallpaper. Kind regards. CoverYourWall

    How much this was helpful

  • Can Wallrock Thermal Liner be pasted onto previously painted walls? What preparation is needed before hanging?

    Yes, very much so. The same preparation is required as when hanging normal wallpapers i.e. dry and clean walls, fill in cracks etc. If the walls haven't been painted for a long time, you might need to size the walls using water diluted adhesive (the same you’d be getting for Wallrock thermal Liner).

    How much this was helpful

  • Can I put another layer of KV600 over an existing layer of KV600 and painted fibreliner lining paper or should I remove the lining paper first
    You can, as long as both the KV600 and Wallrock Fibreliner are firmly stuck and hold well together.
    How much this was helpful

  • I asked this question, 'Which is the best Wallrock product to cover an artexed ceiling with a movement crack in it?'Which you answered very quickly. A further question: The artexed ceiling has textured relief on it. Will the products you recommended be a
    Hi. Unfortunately the question got truncated. Can you please email it to us on info@coveryourwall.co.uk?
    How much this was helpful

  • What is traditional wallpaper? I have applied wall rock thermal liner to the walls and intend to cover with textured vinyl wallpaper will that be ok?
    Hi. Traditional wallpapers are made 100% out of paper or have the base made of paper as it's the case with vinyl wallpapers where vinyl is blown on top of the paper backing. If you'd like to hang vinyl wallpaper I'd suggest that you hang Wallrock Fibreliner first and then your wallpaper - additional benefit is that it will enable you to change wallpaper in the future without damaging the thermal liner.
    How much this was helpful

  • We're planning to Wallrock Thermal Liner our alcoves, which currently have shelves built in. In terms of insulating the wall, are we better removing the shelves and papering, or just papering between the gaps? Will shelves go back up ok on top of the Wall

    The Wallrock Thermal Liner (or Wallrock thermal Liner KV600) would be a great choice, however we would suggest that the shelves are removed for the best insulating effect. You will be able to hang the shelves over the Wallrock Thermal Liner - just make sure you use the relevant wall fixings, and take into account the extra thickness of the Thermal Liner when choosing the fixings.

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Product Reviews

Customer Reviews

Fantastic! Review by seaside lass
Ease of use
Dithered for ages before buying this, but can highly recommend it. We had an outside wall in a 70's house which literally dripped condensation in the winter when the weather was cold. Out of desperation, we tried this - and it's worked a treat! We've now had 2 winters since we put it on the wall, and no damp problems at all. It's not the easiest of stuff to deal with, and I must confess you can see the joins, but once it's painted it looks fine, and certainly better than the damp patches that used to be there! (Posted on 15/01/2016)
Great experience Review by Sameena
Ease of use
Originally posted on 28/03/12 at 20:03 PM

My husband and I wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you so much for a fantastic product we ordered from your company. The results are amazing and has cured the problem we had on our walls instantly. We can't say enough about the results because we have been living with years of troublesome walls which has costs us hundreds of pounds to rectify with no results whatsoever. However, the wallpaper we ordered has given our walls a new lease of life and a room which actually looks great after years of headache. Not forgetting a great customer service from the company.

Thank you once again and we will certainly pass on our recommendations to friends and family.
(Posted on 15/09/2015)
Really pleased Review by Tony S – Matlock
Ease of use
Originally posted on 12/09/10 at 02:38 PM

Just a quick note to let you know that we are really pleased with the Wallrock Thermal Liner. We found it easy to apply and have noticed a big difference in what was a cold back bedroom. We were also really pleased with the way it covers imperfections on the wall underneath. All traces of messy filled in plaster are now gone and the wall looks smooth. (Posted on 15/09/2015)
Improves the warmth Review by Emma A from Grimsby
Ease of use
Originally posted on 13/09/10 at 09:25 PM

I purchased wallrock thermal liner to improve the warmth of a room with no cavity (solid wall). It was easy to hang and then wallpapered over with an excellent finish - you can't tell the difference in appearance from normally wallpapering. The walls are now warmer to the touch and I am confident that I will notice the difference this winter. I am now planning to do other rooms. The only downside is the price but if you have an old house like I do I think it is worth it.
(Posted on 15/09/2015)
Easy to use Review by SUSAN E. ABERYSTWYTH
Ease of use
Originally posted on 15/09/10 at 07:54 PM

Product Review I found wallrock thermal quite easy to use, particularly as the paste is applied to the wall. It was too awkward to hang it from the roll, so I just cut lengths and hung those. You do need very strong sharp scissors or knife to cut it. The thermal liner adhesive was effective, but would be easier to use from a tub rather than the courier-friendly packaging (CYW comment - this packaging is no longer used).

The paper gave a very good finish on my rough cracked walls. I used wallrock fibreliner to cover wallrock thermal. Very easy to use as the paste is applied to the wall. Best of all it didnt stretch or bubble and gave a beautifully smooth finish. I shan't use ordinary lining paper again. (Posted on 15/09/2015)
Very impressed by the level of service Review by Peter C from East Riding of Yorkshire
Ease of use
Originally posted on 01/10/10 at 07:43 PM

I live in a very old brick-built cottage. Having experienced extensive damp on a gable-end bedroom wall and its associated chimney breast that persisted even after having a new roof installed, the wall professionally sealed, and the chimney re-pointed and sealed, I came to the conclusion that condensation may be to blame.

After some deliberation, I chose Wallrock Thermal Liner. I was very impressed by the level of service offered by CoverYourWall, and the helpful advice that they gave me before and after purchase. The actual installation of these products, although a lot different from more conventional wall coverings, was much easier than I had anticipated.

I was particularly worried about the external corners of the chimney breast. However I was advised to butt the two sides together as best as possible, and then to fill any gaps with a proprietary filler and the end-result is actually very satisfying. I painted over the finished wall, and the room now is dry, looks much more finished off than ever before, and feels a lot warmer and cosier. I would recommend Wallrock Thermal Liner to anyone wanting to insulate their home. (Posted on 15/09/2015)
Applying the thermal liner is straight forward Review by Tim E. Nottingham
Ease of use
Originally posted on 08/11/10 at 07:57 PM

I wanted to wait until the weather got colder before reviewing the wallrock thermal liner to see if I noticed any significant difference. Applying the thermal liner is straight forward. Just bear in mind it is quite thick so cutting / trimming is harder than normal wallpaper. The results are good; the walls feel warmer and the rooms seem to heat up more quickly. I have a couple of other cold rooms and these will be done shortly. (Posted on 15/09/2015)
We are satisfied with the final results Review by C – Cumbria
Ease of use
Originally posted on 08/11/10 at 08:52 PM

03/11 - Now that we have been lighting the stove most days we feel that the room warms up more quickly and retains its heat longer. Hanging the thermal liner also means that the walls are no longer cold to the touch, as was the the case previously, even with the stove on. We are well satisfied with the final results and would happily recommend thermal liner to other people living in old stone houses with cold, uninsulated walls.

20/10 - We have now finished hanging the thermal liner on the walls and ceiling. We are making good use of a tub of filler to run over all joints and seams. We have been working with the stove on and it has been toasty warm (it is a very efficient coal and wood burner). It is still too early to compare relative thermal benefits as we need to be sitting down on a cold evening with all the furniture returned to be more confident in our initial positive thinking. However, we are well pleased with the visual improvements to our uneven surfaces and cracked plaster.

07/10 - The adhesive seems to be going much further than the manufactures recommendations so I am trying to slap more on each time. I think one should stress you need much less rolling compared to painting or you end up spreading it too thinly. Due to the delay in final positioning while I am marking up and cutting to fit (accuracy is hard due to the thickness of the liner), I tend to peel the edges of the liner back and apply an extra run of adhesive with a brush. Considering the unevenness of our old plaster, I think the liner is covering it rather well. We will have to go over joints and edges (room corners and wall to ceiling lines) with a good filler which will take paint. So far, we are pretty satisfied but the real decider will be to assess the difference with the stove on in colder weather. (Posted on 15/09/2015)
Really pleased with the results Review by Jon B – Suffolk
Ease of use
Originally posted on 22/12/10 at 08:18 PM

I have noticed the difference in the room I have applied my existing two rolls. I’m really pleased with the results and am very eager to apply it to other rooms ASAP, especially when heating oil prices are around 70p per litre! It makes the fact that the thermal liner is around £40 a roll much easier to justify, spending £100 a room will pay for itself within a year or two with oil at those prices. (Posted on 15/09/2015)
Delivery times and communications First Class Review by Julian S – Watford
Ease of use
Originally posted on 26/01/11 at 01:39 PM

I used this for the first time recently. Two walls really were in need of replastering and I was sceptical if this product would work. The end result was very good but I did notice that when overhanging with the Wallrock Fibreliner you could see a faint line from the butt marks of the Thermal Liner underneath. I think this is probably due to the thickness. Not very easy to handle and cut but with patience its quite do-able. Not that easy to get a clean edge on external reveals but with a sharp blade for every cut and practice it's ok and if your overhanging with Wallrock Fibreliner minor errors are concealed.

Plug sockets, light swiches and skirting could be a problem with this product and you would preferably need to run run it under rather than around which does give a neater finish.

Be generous with the Wallrock Adhesive and do cover everything well as the adhesive tends to be messy. I have found that the service offered by Cover Your Wall is second to none. Delivery times and communications First Class.I wouldn't use anyone else for this product! (Posted on 15/09/2015)
The finished effect was sensational! Review by Jeff H from Devon
Ease of use
Originally posted on 06/02/11 at 03:52 PM

Having now put up the Erfurt MAV Wallrock Thermal Liner 75 and the Erfurt MAV Wallrock Fibreliner premium 75, and being delighted with the finish I wanted to write and send these comments. The Thermal Liner went up on the one external wall really easily, and having fitted the Fibreliner to the other 3 wall I decided to overlay the Thermal Liner with the Fibre Liner.

The finished effect was sensational, it looks just like a newly plastered wall. Having now painted the paper with emulsion both myself and my wife are thrilled with the result. The advice you gave was excellent. All together you should be proud of the service you gave I will certainly be returning 'very soon' to order more products. I ordered the paper from Coveryourwall.co.uk on the Monday afternoon and it arrived on the Wednesday as promised, packaged very safely and securely. Enabling me to get started straight away.

With people only too quick to knock poor service these days I think it is important to thank and point out excellent customer service when it is forthcoming. (Posted on 15/09/2015)
Smooth finish Review by DW – Hampshire
Ease of use
Originally posted on 18/09/11 at 08:36 PM

The thermal Wallrock paper was just the job for the lath & plaster walls in our 1850s Victorian house. As well as providing a smooth finish, they also help with energy efficiency. (Posted on 15/09/2015)
The product is excellent Review by M Martin
Ease of use
Originally posted on 21/11/11 at 02:44 PM

Have just finished putting the Wallrock Thermal Liner on our bathroom walls. The bathroom was previously one of the warmest in the house, but after a cowboy firm installed the new bathroom suite it became the coldest. Robert recommended this product to solve that. And so far I have to say it has worked brilliantly. We haven't got the radiator back on yet and the room is already warmer than before. The product is excellent but we found it difficult to hang. The thermal liner is a strong lining paper with a felt like backing. The only thing sharp enough to cut a decent edge were my dressmaking scissors!

If you have a lot of cutting round to do, which we did, I would recommend getting lining paper as well to get a decent finish. We chose the fibreliner 55, which in comparison goes up a dream and it also covered some of the crease marks which happened as we cut the thermal liner around the toilet etc. All in all, fantastic products and great advice from Robert. (Posted on 15/09/2015)
great results Review Review by Alan Key
Ease of use
Originally posted on 15/10/11 at 01:23 PM

just a quick note to say that the wall coverings are now in place and I am delighted with the result. Not only is the room considerably warmer, it also looks excellent. (Posted on 15/09/2015)
Good results Review by Kath N – WORCESTERSHIRE
Ease of use
We covered the outside walls in one room with the thermal insulation and was so pleased with the result that we have decided to use it on two other rooms. Also my daughter is going to use it too. (Posted on 15/09/2015)
Seeing good improvements Review by Lyn P
Ease of use
The room is all lined and decorated now and the difference in the room temperature over the winter was amazing. It made such a difference with not one sign of mould in the corners of the room. (Posted on 15/09/2015)
Recommended - waiting for winter Review by Calaudio B – London
Ease of use
The delivery of the Wallrock Thermal lining paper was quick and well packaged. I was happy to with the price compared to other suppliers. Your help and advice prior to the purchase from your website chat service also had a factor in me purchasing from you.

I also bought the Knife and 5KG of the appropriate paste the wall adhesive. The knife is very good for this very thick lining paper but you must press hard to get a clean line.

The paper is heavy but surprisingly easy to put up without too many lumps bumps and air bubbles. It really is nice and smooth and joins very well to the previous sheet. I must confess that I did not wrap it around corners and only used it in straight lines (on the outside wall that felt cold and damp). The effect of warmth and cosiness is instant as it has very thick properties. I painted it with white paint and gave it two good coats and it looks great. The real proof will be in the winter months to see if it really does hold heat in the room better and keep damp out. So far the signs are good. Very good product and excellent customer service. I would recommend.
(Posted on 15/09/2015)

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